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To honor my late daughter KMJ memory. And to spread awareness globally, especially in areas where disability is looked at as something negative, instead of a blessing.

Bookings for conventional events to give inspiration and motivation to those who think they can't move forward due to having a child with special needs. To aid in bereavement times during the moment of a child's loss.

This website was created for you to grow with us. Journey to our past, present and future festivities.

Provides adaptive diapers for individuals who have G-tubes/PEG/feeding tubes

Offers easy access to the tube for feedings and for cleaning the area, without having to remove the diaper.

Would indicate when the G-tube area gets soiled.

Would not put pressure on the area.

Easy to wear and use.

Stylish and effective design

Ideal for individuals of any age with feeding/gastrostomy tubes

Such in-depth information is currently disclosed at the moment.

Since 2017

Yes! No handouts. No grants. No help from anyone. 

Had a massive lost during and after the pandemic. Learned from the losses and now we're starting over from scratch from a different angle.

This brand was created from a sentimental place.

We are the first of its kind.

Legally registered.

Going to make a huge impact within the world of special needs community.


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