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From newspaper to the news channel our CEO has done it all. Our goal is to bring forth awareness into the communities about placenta abruptions because we hardly hear families talking about it. We hear family talking about M.S (Multiple Sclerosis) Autism, Chronic Illness, Physical Disability, Speech and Language Disorders, Vision Loss and Blindness. These type of diseases are one of the most common names that people often speak about on a regular basis. Upon my experiences dealing with the after long-term issues from placenta abruptions. Our brand wishes to support mostly single mothers/parents that have been struggling coping with such changes in their lives. From having a good pregnancy having to make emergency drastic decisions that'll change both the parent and child's life. This brand is built to strengthen the bond between these precious angels and their families. If we can at least make one child or family smile I can make a million follow with love.


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