Invention Pending Alert!

I aim to create an innovation that will significantly impact the special needs community. It's a pioneering invention, currently patent pending, designed to address the leaking and cleaning challenges associated with gastrostomy. A password-protected website has been established for this invention, and interested parties are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance. This product is intended for hospitals, drug stores, pharmacies, discount department stores, retailers of home healthcare supplies, and wholesalers of medical and hospital supplies. My company, KMJGLOBELOVE LLC, was inspired by my personal experiences with my late daughter Kaydence, who faced multiple disabilities. I am actively seeking funding to further develop my ideas, which will enable the sourcing of appropriate supplies and the ongoing enhancement of my invention. Currently, I lack a team, with the exception of the invention company assisting in promoting my invention. Nevertheless, I am in search of a dedicated team to help realize my vision. I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read about my endeavor and supports this noble cause.


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